Customer Experience Strategy Services

CX and Digital Strategy


Whether it is tackling digital transformation, changing culture, or offering new ways of engagement, we provide customer experience strategy to help you create a vision of all of components you need to be successful.  Our work includes digital strategy, CX Strategy roadmaps, design research, persona building, design thinking workshops, Experience Vision creation, and strategic priorities to help you solve key customer experience issues. By identifying CX opportunities and points of friction, we create action plans to quickly solve experience issues and bring innovation to your digital transformation strategy.

Customer Research (CX/UX)


Empathizing and gaining an understanding of your customers from their point-of-view creates opportunities to solve complex problems quickly.  Terrapin uses a library of tools like  Ethnographic Research, Journey Mapping, Persona creation and more to help quickly assess how your customers perceive their interactions with your company.  Working as a partner, we help to guide the best path forward to improve the experience for your customers and employees. 

Digital Transformation Coaching


 Your business wasn't built as a digital company but now you have to operate as one.  Let our Transformation Coaches help you work through key barriers and help prioritize systems to support your customers and onboard the rest of the organization to your transformation efforts.  Engaging with customers is different than ever before and across more touch-points.  It can become overwhelming to make changes, measure results, and still delight your customers. We will help you look at your business from your customers point of view to determine where to place your bets to achieve your future state goals. 

Experience Selling


Gone are the days you can arm your sales team with the specs of your products or generic marketing materials.  Your customers want to engage with your company differently and your team needs to know how!  By helping sales gain empathy for their customers, we help your team quickly think like a consultant and find the business issue your customer wants to solve.  Our classes and frameworks will help your team expeditiously understand how your product/service fits into the world of the customer and how to help the customer see your company as the solution.